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Splurge vs Steal: Neutral Wedding Shoes

April 10, 2015

Wedding season is upon us! It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again, but as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer those invitations are sure to start flowing in. Chances are that you’ll be invited to more than one nuptial celebration this season, and many of us will be participating as a bridesmaid at least once. As you start to mark you calendar, you’ll inevitably start to wonder things like how am I going to afford 5 outfits, what does semi-formal mean, and why did she choose that color of dress? While I’ll have to tackle the dress question another day, I’m here to tell you that nude is the way to go for shoes, and one of these versatile styles is all you need! This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this. Many brides ask their bridesmaids to wear nude shoes because they go with any color, and they know you’ll be able to continue to wear the shoe after. So, I just wanted to give some guidance on what shoes work for which formality and what this seasons trends are.

The Heeled Sandal: A classic. Sophisticated and understated. This minimal style has been in vogue for several seasons now with no sign of fading out and with good reason. It’s great because the barely-there straps don’t distract from the rest of your outfit and make your legs look a mile long. These are the perfect choice for any dress code from dressy-casual to white tie formal, and will continue to be a staple heel in your wardrobe long after this wedding season has passed. Make note, these are not the best choice for a beach or outdoor ceremony. The splurge here is by the one and only Manolo Blanik and is available in a 4″ or 3″ heel. The steal here is Steve Madden and looks almost identical (also comes in a 4″ heel).

The Dressy Wedge: Comfortable and casual. This is the perfect option if you’re uncomfortable in heels, or you’re attending an outdoor or beach wedding but still want added height. I love these two shoes because the neutral ankle strap makes your ankles look thinner while the color doesn’t break the line of your leg. This style fits in at a casual to dressy-casual affair, and will work with your spring/summer wardrobe all season long! The splurge is Paloma Barcelo and is a great mid-height (8.2 cm). The steal is Kenneth Cole Reaction and comes in a little taller at 4″.

The Scalloped Flat: Chic and versatile. This style is the latest twist on the classic ballet flat, and has become a favorite of bloggers and celebrities this season. They’re a perfect, comfortable option for casual to semi-formal occasions and are appropriate for all ages. Expect to see more and more options in this style as the year goes on. The splurge here is the shoe that launched the micro-trend, Chloe. The steal is from the ever sophisticated and classy, Lauren Conrad.

What style would you chooseΒ to carry you through the entire season?


Decor Interiors

Stock the Bar Cart

March 28, 2015


A well stocked bar cart is a thing of beauty. It’s a classic and practical addition to any home or apartment that adds a classiness and elegance to the space. Since these gems came back in to fashion several years ago, it’s been an endless Pinterest feed of images of bar cart DIYs and styling tips. I created my own recently and was so caught up in selecting the perfect silver tray, glasses, and striped straws, that once I got home I realized I had for gotten about the alcohol completely!

So, my mission today is to pick up some alcohol to give this cart some purpose. I really don’t want to go with the typical choices like Jack, Bombay or Captain, and I figure there are a few other people out there with the same dilemma. That’s why I pulled together this list of off the beaten path alcohols that have beautiful design and packaging that will definitely add the to overall look of your cart. Happy hunting!

And let me know if you have any bar cart alcohol suggestions!


Decor Interiors

Desert Dreams

March 16, 2015


After rain all weekend here in Seattle, I am having desert day dreams. A warm dry breeze, a sunhat, a rattan lounge chair, and a clear blue sky sound like heaven on earth…this place would be perfect.

What are you dreaming of this Monday?