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#currentobsession: Dark Accents

November 3, 2015

As the days grow shorter and shorter and the nights longer and longer I feel the need to bring a little bit more darkness into my home decor. Something about dark grey, navy and black feels so cozy and calming to me during this season. Everything seems to take on a more muted tone and an introspective feel during the winter, and I think that adding some dark elements to your home captures that so well.

above: Lantern – Oriental Furniture / Tissue Cover – Bloomingdales / Art Print – Wolf & Badger / Candle – FarFetch


Blanket – Kelly Wearstler / Rug – Loloi / Wall Art – LampsPlus / Candle – Diptyque / Journal – Sloane Stationary / Lamp – Crate & Barrel / Pillow – Macy’s / Wall Sconce – Menu

What do you think? Do you love the dark accents or would you definitely leave them out?






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Decor Interiors

Living Room Inspo

June 5, 2015

Today, I want to introduce my latest room obsession from my apartment planning project: the living room. You can read my first post on this subject here focusing on my bedroom inspiration.

I love the idea of mixing traditional design with eclectic and modern accents. I love the depth and warmth these elements can add to even the starkest white rooms. I’ve also found myself swooning over modern abstract impressionist and post-painterly abstraction art lately.  The abstract images, colors and especially pieces with elements of white space seem to fit into any decor.  I love the look of layered pillows and throws, picture frames, and rugs. To me, that is the key to creating a cozy and lived in atmosphere. Touches of gold and bronze mixed with leather and linen are the building blocks of the room I’m currently dreaming of.






Couch / Table / Chair / Side Table / Floor Lamp / Fiber Rug / Throw Blanket / Garden Stool / Tray / Art / Moroccan Pillow / Lumbar Pillow / Killim Pillow / Velvet Pillow / Silver Catch-All / Diptyque / Horse-Head Figurine / Coral / Glass Box / Antique Books / Cow Hide Rug / Marquee Sign


Decor Interiors

Bedroom Inspo

April 22, 2015

With the wedding coming up so quickly (only 16 weeks left!) Eoin and I have been talking a lot about where we want to live, and what we want out of an apartment. We both love the urban, rustic look with exposed brick, antique windows, and external pipes; however, that can be really pricey or come with outdated appliances and/or tiling and paneling. So, we’ve been looking at more traditional and minimal style apartments instead since those are more readily available with the amenities we are looking for within our price range.

I am the type that always has to nest immediately once I move into a place. I always feel very stressed and uncomfortable in a place that feels messy or uncoordinated. I like to have a plan for any space before moving in, so that my mind is at ease from the beginning.

This will be Eoin and I’s first apartment together, so I’ve been working on ways to combine both of our styles and creating a mood that is comfortable yet not too masculine or feminine. I have been referring to this post from Lauren Conrad about making a home as a couple. It has some great and easily implementable ideas.

Today, I wanted to share with you my vision for the bedroom. I wanted it to look clean and inviting, but not too feminine. I also, have to consider creative closet solutions, since it seems inevitable that any one bedroom we find is not going to have a big enough closet for the both of us. Let me know if you have any tips and tricks!











Chandelier / Headboard / Side Table / Rack / Wall Sconce / Throw Blanket / Terrarium / Gold Throw Pillow / Striped Throw Pillow / Peony Arrangement / Mirror / Moon Poster / Chair / Tray / Candle / Sheets



Decor Interiors

Stock the Bar Cart

March 28, 2015


A well stocked bar cart is a thing of beauty. It’s a classic and practical addition to any home or apartment that adds a classiness and elegance to the space. Since these gems came back in to fashion several years ago, it’s been an endless Pinterest feed of images of bar cart DIYs and styling tips. I created my own recently and was so caught up in selecting the perfect silver tray, glasses, and striped straws, that once I got home I realized I had for gotten about the alcohol completely!

So, my mission today is to pick up some alcohol to give this cart some purpose. I really don’t want to go with the typical choices like Jack, Bombay or Captain, and I figure there are a few other people out there with the same dilemma. That’s why I pulled together this list of off the beaten path alcohols that have beautiful design and packaging that will definitely add the to overall look of your cart. Happy hunting!

And let me know if you have any bar cart alcohol suggestions!


Decor Interiors

Desert Dreams

March 16, 2015


After rain all weekend here in Seattle, I am having desert day dreams. A warm dry breeze, a sunhat, a rattan lounge chair, and a clear blue sky sound like heaven on earth…this place would be perfect.

What are you dreaming of this Monday?