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May 8, 2015




I’ve been racking my brain for months thinking about the perfect gifts for the lovely ladies I’ll have by my side on my wedding day. They are all so special and unique, and I really want to find something that they will all appreciate and use while finding it personal and sentimental. In my search, I’ve considered so many different items and read so many different “gift guides”. I wanted to share some of the ideas I’ve collected with any future brides that may be reading in the hopes it will make their search a little easier.



For your beach wedding babes:

1. Coordinated Nail Polish – A simple and affordable option that’s very functional. Gift your girls the nail color you’d like them to wear on your wedding day.

2. Personalized Luggage Tag – I love this idea for a destination wedding! Personalized is always a great choice because it shows that you really took the time to make the gift special. Plus, the luggage tag is simple enough to please even the pickiest person.

3. Beach Tote – a must have for every beach trip, and it is great wrapping for additional goodies. It would be so cute to fill it with beach or travel essentials.

4. Scented Body Products – Smooth skin and coconut scents are a necessity for the beach and your ceremony. Why not give your bridesmaids some luxurious products to make it easy.

5. Nautical Phone Case – A fun way to incorporate your theme into the gift while giving something super functional.




For your rustic wedding roses:

1. Coordinated Nail Polish

2. A Framed Picture – Such a sentimental gift that can be unique for each of your bridesmaids.

3. A Locket – Another gift that can be very sentimental and special for each girl. You can find these in so many colors, shapes and sizes that you are sure to find something simple enough to fit everyone, or something unique enough to fit each person’s taste.

4. Initialed Mug – Perfect for any avid coffee or tea drinkers!

5. Floral Wrap – A popular gift for the bridesmaids to wear on the morning of the ceremony. Plus, they can wear it again and again.




For your black-tie wedding bombshells:

1. Personalized Champagne Flute and Some Bubbly – Great gifts on their own, and even better when they’re together! Your girls are sure to love and enjoy this option!

2. Photo Album – Fill it up with pictures chronicling your friendship, and make sure to leave room for pictures of you together at the wedding.

3. Glittery Hair Accessories – A fresh alternative to gifting jewelry for the ceremony. Most girls already have more necklaces and earrings than we know what to do with, but hair accessories can please a wider audience while being something they’ll enjoy wearing to other dressy occasions.

4. Mirrored Compact – I received this gift as a bridesmaid and thought it was adorable. Great for touch-ups on the day of, and I still carry it around in my purse and remember the great wedding and friend who gifted it to me every time I use it.

5. Perfume – A beautiful and sophisticated gift that is sure to impress. Opt for something with a subtle, light scent since those work on the majority of people.


Hope you enjoyed these and found something you can use for your own wedding! I’d also love to hear any ideas you have, or what you did for your bridesmaids.


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