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The Basics of Summer

April 1, 2015

Who doesn’t love a good basic? For me, they are the first thing I reach for when I open my closet doors, and the building blocks of every great outfit. It takes two key attributes to make something a basic, in my eyes, and those are utility and adaptability. And by that I mean every good basic should be able to be able to we worn several different ways and with outfits of different textures, colors and patterns.

These are five basic pieces that every woman should own for summer:

The Striped Tee Β – The striped tee is such a timeless essential. I recently learned that the striped tee was first put into production for the French Navy in the 19th century because it made it easier to spot sailors who had been thrown overboard (hence the nautical association today!), and was first introduced into modern fashion by Coco Chanel in her 1917 collection after she had spotted it on sailors off the coast of France. It’s been a huge hit ever since and remains a wardrobe staple today. I love it because it mixes well with solids, print large or small, and even other stripes! it can be worn as a plain tee, a beach cover up or tied around your waist waiting to be used as a extra layer. Β You can find some of my favorites here, here and here!

The White Jean – The white jean needs no introduction. It’s a summer wardrobe must have. It goes with everything: prints, stripes, brights, whites, crops and tunics. The only difficult thing about a white jean is finding the right pair. I went through so many pairs and gave up multiple times before finding the right ones. My pair is AG and you can find them here, and I also like this and this.

The Colorful Tote – Β The tote is the most versatile of handbags, and you really need one for each season. In the summer, I like a colorful and textured tote for everything from storing magazines and headphones at the airport, to carrying my towel, sandals and sunscreen at the beach, to even hauling home my farmers market fruits and vegetables. The right tote looks chic in each situation, but won’t leave you hanging with a bunch of other things to carry. You can find the one above here, as well as other great options here and here.

The Summer Wedge – A wedge is so great because it does your legs all the favors of a pump without all the pain. This is why they are perfectly suited for summer when you’re more inclined to long walks in the sunshine. Mix them with jeans (from skinny to flare), culottes or palazzo pants, a dress or a skirt (maxi or mini). This pair can be found in tons of colors here, but these and these are definitely on my wishlist!

The Silk Scarf – The silk scarf is wonderful multi-tasker and a feminine classic. It can be worn around the neck on a breezy day, over the shoulders on a hot, sunny day, draped and tied over your hair to hide an untamed mane, or twisted and knotted around the waist for an interesting belt option. I like to find options in bright summer prints and geometric patterns. Find this one here, and other gems here and here.

What are summer basic would you add?


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